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A Season for Listening

This last week, I was reading a little book from Philip Yancey entitled, "Finding God in Unexpected Places." In it, he talked about an interview he once heard with Dan Rather and Mother Theresa. In asking her about the impact her ministry was having in Calcutta, Dan Rather asked her about prayer. He said, what do you do when you pray? She responded: "I listen." He then, slightly flustered, asked her what God said? She responded: "He listens."

We often think of prayer as taking our requests (demands?) to God and asking Him to make the situation or the world better. However, I think Mother Theresa was on to something. God answers prayer with miraculous intervention - sometimes. Far more often, He invites us into an intimacy that goes beyond mere words to something deeper - intimate communion.

This is a hard season. There are lots of problems in our world. This is a season to make our requests known to God. It is also a season for listening and for knowing God more intimately so we can enter into our world of disease, strife, division, and conflict with the quiet peace He alone can give.

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