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Be Kind, Be Bold - BE HOPE!

Years ago, Rob Bell made a series of Nooma videos that highlighted different spiritual questions. One of them highlighted a sincere (but misguided) man's attempt to share biblical truth - through a megaphone that blasted judgment. I've often thought of this video over the years. If we follow Christ we are going to be in opposition to our culture, at least to some degree. This can be a hard place to be AND a hardening place to be.

Currently, we are going through Thessalonians at Parkview Christian Church

and it is all about living lives of hope. And, while it is true that people need to hear the "hard word," it is equally true that people need kindhearted boldness so that their hearts can be opened to the hope that only Jesus can bring. We must BE HOPE in a world that is without it! We can do this ...

... with kindness as we follow the words of a saying I've come to love: "Be kind, everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about." People need tenderness, compassion, mercy - we are all fighting through difficult circumstances at one time or another.

... with boldness as we stand on the truth that God call us to stand on. The values, dreams, purposes, ethics, and actions of God's Kingdom do not fit seamlessly into this world's system. We can boldly proclaim that Christ alone is King!

As we live in kindness and boldness, we will look quite different from much of what those around us are used to seeing on their daily journey. And, we can be a beacon of light that lives out what Robert Schueller once said: "Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future." Be kind ... be bold ... BE HOPE this day, this week, this life!

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