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Let's Jump!

Do you ever wonder "what if?" What if I had taken that risk? What if I had really stepped out in faith? What if?

Usually, when we ask that question, we ask it retrospectively. However, we also have a chance to ask it proactively. At Parkview Christian Church, we have been asking ourselves, "What if we invested significant time, money, and energy into a revamped vision for making disciples in 2020 & beyond?" I'm happy to say that we have been wrestling with this and now we are at the point of jumping into risk, faith, and ... whatever God has for us!

We are adding a new Worship & Youth Minister and Associate Minister; we are making plans for discipleship pathways that will help everyone from seekers to spiritual parents move forward in discipleship w/ Jesus; we are developing new initiatives for being in the community. Many churches are letting the cultural shifts happen to them. We are trying to proactively follow God into a great adventure. Our vision is to be a Jesus-centered church of disciples that strives to bring wholeness and healing to 1% of the unreached and broken in the Treasure Valley (4,160 + people) in the next 5 years.


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