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We exist to BE and MAKE Disciples

Our guiding focus is to Strengthen Faith, Restore Hope, and Embody Love

Strengthen Faith

Engaging with God

We invest in spending time with God through reading scripture, prayer, and the practice of other spiritual habits. This helps us feel connected and stay in step with how God is moving.

Celebrating Jesus together

We come together regularly as a group for passionate worship where we sing, pray, study, and praise Jesus for who He is, what He’s done, and what He continues to do.

Investing what God gives

Every good gift comes from God including our time, resources, and talents. So we want to develop them and invest them the way God would want us to. With generosity, humility, selflessness, and joy.

Restore Hope

Staying focused

There are plenty of good things we could do in this world.  Often times good can get in the way of great. We want to keep it as simple as we can. That means spending our time doing only the best things, with excellence, to see God’s will for our community be fully realized.

Everybody having a job to do

We want to help people find their “sweet spot” where passion, talent, and opportunity collide in how God has built them to serve. God gave us all unique gifts and perspectives that we can use in unison to serve God and others in order to see lives changed by His love.

Showing God's love to others

Jesus demonstrated great compassion as he brought hope and healing during His time on earth. We want to practice that same service and care for those in need so they can get to know God in the work we do.

Embody Love

Keeping Life Groups central

These groups are the primary way we are able to experience deeper community and peer discipleship. We believe strongly in being fully known and fully loved as you walk through life with Jesus. Life Groups are the space for that.

Striving to be a healthy family

We are just a small part of a much larger church family.  Every family is dysfunctional in some way, but we want to practice humility in how we seek to encourage, support, seek unity, and partner with other believers in our church and with all followers of Jesus around the world.

Everybody getting a seat at the table

Although we all come from many different backgrounds, we want to strive to make sure everybody feels welcome, cared for, and has a safe place to connect with Jesus and His church.

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